3 Tips For Determining Whether a Product is Natural or Not

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According to Transparency Market Research, the global demand for organic personal – care products is estimated to reach 13.2 billion by 2018. It’s no surprise that now – a – days almost every product wants to a “natural” claim for their products to increase the likelihood of a consumer purchase.   So, what exactly does it mean when there is a indication of natural or organic on a cosmetic product?

The word “natural” typically  means majority of the ingredients in the product are from a natural source, such as a plant or mineral. “Organic” products will contain a certified organic label indicated that it has been tested and passed organic regulations.

How can you really determine if a product is natural like it states? The Beauty Report Magazine has comprised a list to help us determine that.

  1. Study the ingredient list 

    Look for the names of plants. The shorter the ingredient list the higher the chances are that the product was naturally made.

  2. Don’t rely solely on the word “natural” in the product name 

    There is confusion on the word natural in the beauty industry because it is currently not regulated. There is no standard on what a “natural” product contains.

  3. Look for a natural seal on the packing, but know that it is not a deal breaker if you don’t see one  

    Experts agree that the only way to be sure that the product is 100% natural is to look for a certified seal on the product.These type of seal verify that the product has been tested, and contains no synthetic chemicals. Putting this label on the product is optional.


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