5 Spring & Summer Makeup Trends for 2017 That Break the Makeup Rules

Bronzed skin,  dewy skin, and nude colors may be a few things that come to mind when you think of makeup for warmer weather. However, it’s 2017 and things have changed. If you haven’t noticed by now, there are no “rules” when it comes to makeup. These new spring/summer makeup trends for 2017 will prove it.

1.Grey Lipstick & Gothic Lips

gray, lipstick, trend, 2017

Dark colors were recently thought to be for the fall and winter, but that has changed. Models in the Acne Fashion show proved grey lips are cool.

2. Bold Eyes & Bold Lips

Bold, lips, eye, red, smokey, black

I know that as a seasoned makeup artist I have preached from the beginning of time “No bold lips and bold eyes!” Well that no longer applies. You can now rock a bold lip with a bold eye and look totally fierce!

3. Ear Makeup

Ear, Makeup, Trend, Gold

Thanks to models at Giamba, 2017 is the time to dust holographic glitter onto your ears.

4. Matchy – Matchy Makeup

Lady Gaga, Matchy matchy, makeup
Lady Gaga in Matchy – Matchy Trend

Matchy – Matchy is another vintage trend that has returned to the makeup world. Doing this trend in orange will make you look extra trendy as orange is the new black in 2017.

5.Glossy Eyelids

Glossy lids,

Gloss no long just belongs on the lips. Follow this high fashion trend, and rock a glossy lid!

Which one will you be wearing for the next few months?



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